Wendell & Lila Graber
Wendell & Lila Graber

Field of Service: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Mission Organization: Living Hope Native Ministries

Ministry: In the last twenty-four years of ministry, The Lighthouse church was established. Wendell is the pastor of the church. The goal of The Lighthouse is to be a community of committed followers of Jesus with First Nations people and friends welcomed and involved. We hold a kids Bible Club on Garden River each summer and look for other ways to serve our First Nations community members.
We have five children. One lives in Timmins, Ontario, one in Columbus, Ohio, and the others are here in Sault Ste. Marie. Our youngest daughter is still at home with us. We have three grandchildren and are excited about two more coming!

Email: wjgraber@gmail.com

Praise & Prayer
December 2021

The forecast this weekend has us wondering if we will be able to meet for church tomorrow, but the snow piling up outside is very beautiful. It makes us thankful for good roads last week for our travel to be with extended family in Indiana over U.S. Thanksgiving. 

Covid cases in Sault Ste. Marie are higher than they’ve ever been. Plans and urgent things on our “to do” list really changed when our local health unit mandated new restrictions for gatherings that will last until after Christmas. We can still meet for church, but the Christmas feast we were planning for this weekend needed to be cancelled. Instead, we worked on some projects at the church that we hope will be finished by the end of next week. Interestingly enough, we needed to give a church key to the business making a delivery for the project. Because of Covid, they are not allowed to deliver if anyone is in the building; even being in the parking lot in a vehicle was unacceptable!

We are greatly saddened this week by the sudden loss of another godly First Nations leader, Goyce Kakegamic, who apparently died of Covid.  Goyce taught school at Deer Lake and lived there with his wife Lucy and their family when we lived there; we remember those years and our interactions with them with great fondness and appreciation. They filled a parent role for two young people far from home in an unfamiliar culture and setting. We are praying for Goyce’s family and for the church in Thunder Bay who will feel the loss most keenly.

We need your prayers for the church here in Sault Ste. Marie. Visitors are not uncommon; we want to be effective in communicating the gospel message and the joy of serving Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in people to accept Jesus and the authority of God’s word. This can be hard for anyone but especially so for First Nations people who have been damaged by “the church” in the past.

Wendell and Lila


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