Ray & Sandra Alary
Ray & Sandra Alary

Field of Service: Canada

Organization: Trans World Radio Canada & Thru the Bible 

Ministry: Sandy and I have served in ministry since 1985. Twenty-two of those years overseas. My last ten years of service with TWR Canada I served as President of TWR Canada. I now serve as Executive Director of TTB Canada which provides oversight for the Canadian operation as well as providing oversight for ministry projects in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We live in London, Ontario in a home we share with our son and his family. Sandy has experienced problems with her back and would appreciate prayer as it appears that this is long term situation. Her greatest limitation is her inability to sit for long periods of time without chronic pain which limits our ability to travel any distance by car or air. We continue to work with the medical community to find a long-term solution.
During the prolonged Covid crisis God has opened doors for ministry in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia. For example, the number of home groups grew by over 30% in India during the last year. We have had similar growth in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Each group has a minimum of 8 people in it. Pray for a project that is just being in Pakistan, 17 partners from inside and outside the country are working together to bring the Gospel to this needy land. I am working on a number of projects in the Middle East that are having a huge impact. I am so thankful that as I stepped out of ministry with TWR that God opened another door where I could work alongside the indigenousness church in countries that are largely closed to the Gospel. I have been able to take what I learned in our ministry and apply it into another.

Email address: ralary@ttb.org

Praise & Prayer: 
- Praise the Lord that we can reach into countries where there are only a handful of trained pastors. Through our partnerships we have projects where we are evangelism, discipleship and leadership development using a systematic approach which is strengthening the local church at a level that has never been achievable before. Digital technology is changing how we do ministry is a positive way.
- We are in the midst of doing a major project in India. Praise the Lord that the number of Home Groups continues to grow in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and now in Sri Lanka.
- Pray for Sandy as she deals with chronic back pain.
- Our scope of ministry is really around the globe, I am now involved in projects in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia and Israel. I am doing the majority of this from our apartment in London but I do have trips planned for Israel and Southeast Asia later in the year. Pray that these trips can take place as planned.
Thank you for your continued prayers of our ministry. These prayers are appreciated.

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