Henk Gelling
Henk Gelling

Field of Service: Belgium

Mission Organization: MSC Canada

In 1975 a family of five moved to Belgium. We are now 12 and still in Belgium. We came to do evangelism as we had been doing in Canada since we were saved in 1970. Everybody had to know that wonderful gospel message that had changed us so much. We moved house four times in our little province of Limburg, in 1980 we settled down in Houthalen. There are now 12 assemblies in Limburg. Our son, John, married Yoko, they have Hailey (20) and Liam (8). Our youngest daughter, Joy, married Johan, they have Nevan (21), Lani (19) and Dillon (12). Julie is executive secretary at ETF in Leuven. She works from home because all the students are doing their Biblical studies from because of the virus!
We praise the Lord we are His, it is a privilege to share the gospel though the interest has waned a lot through the years. Now refugees are wanting to hear the gospel. We have had contact with them going back seven years. A time to laugh and often a time to cry. Some have been saved, some sent back. Some came so close and circumstances pulled us apart. Some have stayed in our home, some have been baptized and come into fellowship with the saints. We mostly have contact with Iranians at the moment. We had 30 coming to a Bible study that is now on hold, we are trying to reach them through the Internet. Our hearts go out to them.

Prayer Update - April 2021
Our family of 11 went to Beryl’s grave on the 23rd of April, our 55th wedding anniversary and 6 months since Beryl went home. It was good seeing each other in person. 
Ministry to Refugees
- Hadi and Elhaheh have an apartment now. They are very happy that their 3 year old daughter Selin is going to a Christian school. They are still waiting for permission to stay in Belgium. 
- Marco is an Iraqi man who is not able to read or write. This makes it difficult for him to find work.
- I have lost contact with Osas and Favour, he is in Germany and she is in Holland. Very sad situation!!
- Sam from Bangladesh is back in his country, very much missing Belgium.
With COVID it is not easy to minister but we do our best with Zoom and Telephone. In the assembly one of the elders mother in law died of COVID in Holland and her husband has COVID also. One of his brothers died of cancer 3 weeks ago. He was 62 years old. Very sad for them.
Lani (has lymes disease) is going to receive a new treatment in Holland on Monday, April 26. She needs prayer and Divine help!!
Thank you for your prayer support and fellowship. I hope at some time in the future to visit Bethel again.

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