Enoel & Leisa Suarez
Enoel & Leisa Suarez

Field of Service: Bolivia, South America

Mission Organization:MSC Canada

Ministry: Enoel grew up in Bolivia in a Christian home where his father was the pastor of a small church. He became a believer at seven, and was baptized at fifteen. Enoel graduated from Hebron Theological Seminary; then became a full-time worker in a church in Bolivia. Enoel met Leisa while she was on a missionary work team in Bolivia, and they married in October 1990. In 1993, they were commended from SBC to the mission field in Bolivia. They have four girls, Rebecca, Andrea, Jessica and Elizabeth.

E-mail Address: enoelsuarez@gmail.com

Areas of Ministry:

  • Radio Ministry
  • Translation
  • Leadership Training
  • Evangelism
  • River Boat Ministry

Praise & Prayer: 
Right now we are trying to start a church within a village that does not want anything to do with Christianity. We have purchased a lot in this village called "Nueva Brema", and we plan to do some social work first in order to get our foot in the door. We are preparing backpacks for sixty six children in that community. We are including educational materials in the backpacks such as a New Testament and a booklet on The Gospel of John. We also plan to include school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, colored pencil crayons, and so on. Please pray for this project.
Well, we plan to begin constructing the church building in Nueva Brema someday. Hopefully in the near future. We do not have the materials, yet but we are gathering some materials here and there. Also, we do not have any idea when we will get permission to build the church there. We are waiting on the Lord right now. Your prayers for this situation are appreciated.
Also, we are helping people within the city of Santa Cruz with medical supplies. The doctors diagnose these needy people, and write them a prescription. We provide them with the medication and/ or vitamins that their doctor recommends at no cost. We have had many needy  people call and ask for help because the number of sick people is rising very high once again due to the omicron and flurone variants. Please pray for the situation here in Santa Cruz. The number of people affected by the virus variants is rising rapidly everyday. 


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