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686 Black Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Service Times: 9:30am (Lord's Supper), 11:00am (Family Bible Hour and Sunday School), 7:00pm (Evening Service)

Small Groups - Fall 2018!


Small groups at Bethel: Groups of about 12 will be meeting in homes Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

Bible Study: Colossians on RightNow Media with Louie Giglio
(All resources are available for free online at

Leaders: Andrew & Jennifer Sarlo
5:00-7:00pm - Young Married Couples
Host rotates - Dinner - no kids - Full

Leaders: Peter & Cathy Norris/Jeff & Nancy Cartwright
Host: Andrew & Janice Black, 16 Tuckett St., 7:00pm - FULL

Leaders/Host: Ken & Gaele Overman/Peter & Marilyn Aceti
52 Poplar Ave., 7:00pm - FULL

Leaders/Hosts: Len & Becky Peake
59 Country Club Pl., 7:30pm

Leaders/Host: Nathan & Jennifer Lambert
254 Lake St., 7:30pm - FULL

Leaders: Graham & Val Lidstone
Host: Jeff & Jess Jonusaitis, 151 Pageant Dr., 7:30pm - FULL

Leaders: Jim & Debbie Jo Linklater
Co-Leaders/Host: Steve & Shelley Slawson, 139 Amber St., 7:30pm

Leaders: Bruno & Marilyn Barban
Co-Leaders/Host: Lonnie & Sarah Frolich, 235 Langdon Rd., 7:30pm

Leaders: Andrew & Jennifer Sarlo
Host: Andrew & Christine Horst, 171 Millcreek Dr., 7:30pm - FULL

Leaders/Hosts: Bill & Krys McLean
38 McNabb St., 7:00pm - FULL

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer or Andrew Sarlo or send a message on the Contact Page.


Sunday Service Times

Lord's Supper - 9:30 am
Family Bible Hour - 11:00 am
Sunday School - 11:00 am
Evening Service - 7:00 pm

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