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Laura Stewart - ONE LIFE 20:24 - Uganda


Field of Service: Uganda

Mission Organization: ONE LIFE 20:24 (www.onelife2024.com)

Ministry: Someone has said that the best description of what we do is combining "Compassion's" ministry with "Awana" ministry. Our goal is to see Uganda's next generation come to know Jesus. We facilitate Bible clubs in partnership with local believers, including a Bible memory program. They have the opportunity to "earn" basic life supplies like soap, school supplies and more by memorizing verses. We seek to teach the meaning of the verses through Bible teaching. However, it is God who chooses to work and open eyes and hearts to the gospel...but He promises to use the "foolishness" of preaching.

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Praise & Prayer:
Hello Bethel Chapel Family,
Thank you for your continued prayers and support, you are a blessing to many. The lockdown in Uganda continues, and more restrictions are expected in the coming months. The airport remains closed, and no non-essential activity is allowed, churches and schools remain closed; all groups must be 5 or less. We don’t expect schools to open until at the very earliest, March 2021. Uganda has continued to fare very well with the virus—we aren’t sure if possibly an earlier strain built an immunity or perhaps we have a different strain?  Very few people are sick and needing hospitalization, although there have been positive tests and tight restrictions remain in place. Meanwhile the ruling government party is in full preparation for the upcoming election early in 2021. Because of the expected turbulence from the elections and the restrictions continuing in place, my Board directed me to return to Canada (and the Canadian Embassy also urged me to return on a special flight they arranged out of the Country).  It was a busy few days suddenly packing up and preparing to leave the country for a bit. It’s an unexpected blessing to be now writing to you from Canada.
As an organization, our Motto and focus has been on raising up the next generation of Ugandans to know and love Jesus and His Word; and I somehow always viewed seeing the next generation raised up as something “years down the road”… But now, I’ve been encouraged to see God raising up the next generation: seeing them step up into serving one another—right now! Out of necessity, we have had to shift to using our secondary students to facilitate and teach at home Bible Lessons. (Rather than the large groups of children in Bible clubs) For the last 12 weeks, I’ve been writing a weekly Bible lesson & worksheet and emailing it to the village printer. Then, each of these secondary student leaders go to the print shop and pick up the lessons for their village area. They distribute the new weekly lesson, meet in small groups with the children, and collect the completed lessons from the previous week. 
I had the chance to skype into the monthly leadership meetings for our village student leaders last week. Such a small world and so fun to communicate with them. We sent *Timothy (one of the Muslim kids who was saved through our Bible clubs a few years back and who has been growing spiritually in leaps and bounds) up to check on and coordinate the small group meetings (5 or less) of our student leaders, who in turn coordinate the kids clubs in their village area. So proud of them all—the students made their own meeting agenda, and the Vice Chair of our Uganda Board wrote a beautiful message to the student leaders. Timothy is now busy marking the 1200+ Bible lessons, what a champ! While I have returned home to Canada, I keep busy communicating with them on a daily basis and writing the weekly at home lessons and worksheets. Rather than providing school supplies to our students who complete memory work, we are shifting to provide some assistance to their families in the form of food items like soya porridge, posho (corn porridge), sugar, soap and similar basic necessity items. 

- Praise the Lord for growth and leadership among our student leaders and in our Uganda Board Members as they increase in service and involvement.
- Pray for continued spiritual growth in our student leaders & children.
- Pray for the continued safety and security of our children and student leaders. 
- Pray for peace and safety during the upcoming national elections as turbulence is expected and restraints are growing. Specifically, pray that electronic communications would not be prohibited as we use this means to walk alongside our Uganda leaders and youth.
- Pray that God would continue to give us creativity and wisdom in continuing to reach our youth during the lockdown time.
- Pray that the Lord would bring refreshment and vision to me during this time at home in Canada. 
- Pray that we would continue to trust the Lord with His timing in all things. 

With much love and thankfulness, 

*Name changed due to the public nature of this post


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