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Ray & Sandra Alary - Thru the Bible - Canada


Field of Service: Canada

Organization: Trans World Radio Canada (www.twr.ca) & Thru the Bible (www.ttb.org

Ministry: Sandy and I have served with TWR Canada since 1985. Twenty-two of those years overseas in a variety of positions which began with me serving as a diesel mechanic and finishing my overseas service as International Director for Africa. My last ten years of service I served in Canada as President of TWR Canada. We live in London, Ontario in a home we share with our son and his family. We are all healthy at this time and are taking every precaution we can. We live in a rural community which makes it very easy to social distance.
This time of crisis has provided opportunity for ministry. We have been delivering the Gospel of John digitally on a cell phone, tablet and computer into hospitals and homes literally everywhere in Italy. We have been doing this remotely from our homes. Recently we launched our second project which is in Spanish with the intended target being Spain. This has been made possible because of a partnership between TWR, Thru the Bible and YouVersion.

Praise & Prayer: Pray for Sandy and me as I transition out of TWR and transition into TTB (Thru the Bible). Due to the crisis much of the transition has already taken place. I am spending more of my time with TTB as that is where the need is right now. Because TWR and TTB have a 50-year ministry relationship and are co-dependent on each other, my transition to TTB is being done with the blessing of TWR.
Praise the Lord that I did not get COVID-19 as I was exposed early on. I was in Europe when the crisis hit, I am now through that quarantine.
Pray for me to have wisdom as I work with many organizations to organize a unified ministry strategy during this time of crisis. I was very involved in strategizing during the AIDS crisis in Africa. I am able to bring what I learnt from that into this crisis.
Pray that I will have the energy to keep going, lately my days have been long with many of those hours spent on ZOOM, Facetime and Whatsapp calls.
Praise the Lord for the Church at Bethel Bible Chapel and their willingness to pray us through this time.

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