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686 Black Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Service Times: 9:30am (Lord's Supper), 11:00am (Family Bible Hour and Sunday School), 7:00pm (Evening Service)

2014 Sermons

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Title Speaker Date Series
Born To Die Dean Love 2014-12-28 General Topics
Matthew 2:1-12 Bruce Cain 2014-12-21 General Topics
How Much Does It Cost David Nicholson 2014-12-07 General Topics
Stick With the Scriptures Graham Clark 2014-11-24 Taking God At His Word
Christ's Unbreakable Bible Bruce Cain 2014-11-16 Taking God At His Word
God's Word is Necessary Len Peake 2014-11-09 Taking God At His Word
God's Word is Final Andrew Sarlo 2014-11-02 Taking God At His Word
God's Word is Clear Peter Aceti 2014-10-26 Taking God At His Word
God's Word is Enough Bruce Cain 2014-10-19 Taking God At His Word
Something More Sure David Nicholson 2014-10-16 Taking God At His Word
Matthew 24:15-28 Bruce Cain 2014-09-07 General Topics
Living Life Worthy of the Call of the Gospel Ryan Lidstone 2014-08-24 General Topics
Questions Peter Aceti 2014-08-17 General Topics
The Good Samaritan Graham Clark 2014-08-15 General Topics
Test Andrew Sarlo 2014-08-14 Colossians
Second Coming Bruce Cain 2014-08-10 General Topics
GAiN = Compassion of Christ - Cycling 4 Water TBA 2014-07-27 TBA
Reading the Bible in Context John Marriott 2014-07-13 General Topics
Dollars and Sense Bruce Cain 2014-06-29 General Topics
Anthony Zappacosta - Gideon Mission Trip Anthony Zappacosta 2014-06-22 General Topics


Sunday Service Times

Lord's Supper - 9:30 am
Family Bible Hour - 11:00 am
Sunday School - 11:00 am
Evening Service - 7:00 pm

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