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686 Black Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Service Times: 9:30am (Lord's Supper), 11:00am (Family Bible Hour and Sunday School), 7:00pm (Evening Service)

2017 Sermons

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Title Speaker Date Series
Acts 13 Grace Clark 2017-04-19 Ladies Coffee Hour
Missing the Master Bill McLean 2017-04-16 General Topics
Elegant Evil Peter Aceti 2017-04-09 Spiritual Warfare
Deborah Ryan Lidstone 2017-04-09 Old Testament Character Sketches
Ehud Rod Alton 2017-04-02 Old Testament Character Sketches
Are We Really In A Battle? Bill McLean 2017-04-02 Spiritual Warfare
Rahab Rejean Routhier 2017-03-26 Old Testament Character Sketches
Worship His Majesty Len Peake 2017-03-26 Spiritual Warfare
A New Point Of View - Part 2 Nancy Cartwright 2017-03-22 Ladies Coffee Hour
The God Who Is To Come Graham Clark 2017-03-19 Spiritual Warfare
The God Who Is Here Andrew Sarlo 2017-03-12 Spiritual Warfare
Caleb Joshua Dickey 2017-03-12 Old Testament Character Sketches
A New Point Of View - Acts 9:32-10:33 Nancy Cartwright 2017-03-08 Ladies Coffee Hour
Aaron Jarrett Horsman 2017-03-05 Old Testament Character Sketches
The Fruit of Repentance Bill McLean 2017-02-26 Repentance
Sacrifice of Praise Gracia Burnham 2017-02-26 General Topics
The Apprehension of Saul of Tarsus Grace Clark 2017-02-22 Ladies Coffee Hour
The Family of God David Nicholson 2017-02-19 General Topics
Building a Love That Lasts a Lifetime Bill McLean 2017-02-12 General Topics
Isaac Nathan Lambert 2017-02-12 Old Testament Character Sketches


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Lord's Supper - 9:30 am
Family Bible Hour - 11:00 am
Sunday School - 11:00 am
Evening Service - 7:00 pm

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